Hello People! ​

Hi , My name is Shivani Gupta! I’m 28 and I live in India.. My passion for writing, reading and capturing daily life and some special moments led me to start my own blog.. letting me share my views towards healthier and positive peaceful life ahead with mindful souls. Now it’s time to define ourselves by new standards where we feel really nice in our head and heart and if you’re also looking for the great career and excited about every single day, if you want a soul level relationship and if you want to live your life at your own terms healthy and happily then you are at very right place. Welcome to my place.. where I’m always up.
I write for productive living, on social issues & related stuff . My goal is to implant a spark of inspiration in day to day life. I hope it will help you all in some ways. Find me on Instagram and facebook where I’m posting from my daily life.