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Managing Mindset

Welcome to Shivana Blog, Everything in life starts with our mindset first, and then our actions play the role. I’ve said this many times in my blogs, Have you read previous one? If yes, then Thanks a million and if not, then please go and check that out soon. So, in this blog I’m gonna […]

Struggles – Conquer and move on

As human beings, difficulties will constantly be knocking on our doors. Nothing is permanent. Look at this way, Sometimes things are good and sometimes life feels like you’ve been kicked in your mid- section. But it is important to develop a mindset of conqueror. A conqueror knows that no matter how hard life gets, he/she […]


  what is self development ? well.. it can also be known as personal development, both by developing your mind and body Self development means one should believe their capabilities and always willing to improve themselves, better than yesterday. There are certain ways you can adopt and improve your dull lifestyle .. Your life is not […]