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7 Hacks To Boost Productivity

I start my day with my lists, my plans and goals but by end of the day my list is even get longer. Do...



How to deal with toxic people ?

There are few people around who always have something to be sad about, to say negative in relationships or conversation. They are someone who...


Must visit places in Rishikesh

If you are new here! I suggest to check the previous Rishikesh travel series here - Rishikesh >> Finding Calmness and Best cafes in...

Best cafes in RISHIKESH


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Best Foods For Healthy Hair

Do you know what is the effect of nutritional deficiency on hair quality and growth? Many of us want to have healthy looking shiny...

How Much Weight Can You Healthily Lose In a Month ?

Weight loss is a goal for many nowadays. So does for me. But there is a right way to lose weight in a healthy...

Yoga asanas to beat indigestion – Health benefits

The health benefits of yoga are many. From providing relief to the body from back pain, stress and anxiety to improving the posture, flexibility...

Everything you need to know about your diet?

Have you heard about the term called "Hormone Diet"? The hormone diet claims to reset your hormones through diet modifications which helps you to...

How to get rid of Acne

One of the most common conditions related to skin world wide and affecting estimated 80 percent of young adults is acne. There are few...


Good Vibes Good Life : Book

Book is based on self learned practices and experiences. Author shared experiences he has faced during his learnings towards better life. He begin with...

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