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Social Anxiety or phobia

Social anxiety

How are your social experiences? By this I mean both Online and Offline social experiences. Few days ago I came across the term called social anxiety or social phobia, I was new to this term so I decided to know more about this. The term itself says much about the anxiety which comes through our […]

Human domestication

What is human domestication means? We are born, we learn, we speak. The people who take care of us teach us what they know. They feed us on the basis of their knowledge. They program us with their point of view. Those humans have lots of knowledge, that includes social, moral rules and religious cultural […]

Beauty Standards

Beauty! What is beauty means to you? Am I beautiful?  Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder Everyday we are  surrounded by the world’s perspective of beauty:  Blue eyes, keratin treated hairs, slim, tall, hourglass figure, and what not Beautiful women comes in all different shapes and sizes. I’ve a sister and she’s GORGEOUS. […]

Social bullying

Social bullying on social media Bullying that happens on social media is just harmful as other bullying- now a days it’s getting worse. Getting bullied on social media or through text messages can feel really terrible. Being connected to your phone or computer all the time means that a bully can sneak into your life. A […]

Hunger and Poverty

HUNGER EFFECTS THE WEAKEST  In traditional societies … within groups childrens are particularly badly affected. They suffer heavily because of structural inequalities. Women have little access to education or opportunities to earn a livelihood. At the same time, they frequently struggle with the double burden of farm work and raising children. As a result, many […]