Clean-up your life

Take a moment, consider your circumstances, your situations! !

Start with small. 

How many of you have taken full advantage of any opportunities knocked on your door? Are you working very hard on your career or even on your job, any of you working on with bitterness and anything holding you back or dragging you down? 

How many of you have maintain peace with your loved ones or in a relationship? Do you treat your family members with dignity and respect? Have you changed your habits that are destroying your health or well being? 

Last but not the least-

Have you cleaned up your life? 

If your answer is no, here I’ve something for you to try. 

Start to stop doing what you know to be wrong — Start stopping today, Don’t waste your precious time questioning yourself all the time that how you know that whatever you’re doing is wrong, mistimed questions can confuse you, without enlightening as well as diverting you from actions. You can know that something is wrong or right without knowing why! Every person is too complex to know themselves entirely.. . And we all carry intelligence that we cannot understand. 

So, Simply stop! STOP Pretending !

  • When you capture, that you should stop. Sometimes, you should stop acting in a particular hateful manner. 
  • Stop saying the things which make you weak and sheepish. 
  • Say only those things that makes you strong.
  • Do only those that you could speak with Honor. 

Make your own standards

You can use your own standards of judgement. One can rely on themselves for guidance. There’s no need to stick on some external random code of behaviour. Have some sort of humanity, don’t blame an economic or political system. Let your own soul guide you, watch what happens on days and weeks. As you do, your experience will start to improve, you will then discover the new you. After some years of your hard work and efforts, your life become simpler and less complicated. Your judgement will improve, will untangle your past. . You will become more stronger and less complexed. You will move more confidently into the future. 

Β Be More Powerful and Productive,

You will become an even more powerful force for peace and whatever is good. You will see your existence as a genuine good, something to celebrate. 

Cleaning your mind is not about sorting your things, it’s about knowing who you really are. .

It’s about knowing your worth, it’s a chance to redefine yourself. .

. . . also to remember it’s never too late to recognise who you were and what you want to be! !

Set your house in perfect order

Before you criticize the world. 

You can do better!

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