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The connections

Have you heard about HumanHeart connection? How many of you’ve that connection? Take a moment and read this till the end (2 mins read)!!

In a society of hashtags, followers and insights, . ..where everyone is over exposed and busy doing so. . know the true importance of human connection, a true heart connection! Now-a-days it’s effortless to get connect on social media, catching up, believing that this is the medium of comfort and we don’t even know when it becomes Distraction. 

“People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability and tell the truth about their stories are the real badasses” – brené brown! 


I’ve seen so many social media accounts, and I don’t know why they exists? Well this is my opinion, and I’ve nothing to do with that.. not everyone thinks the same. It takes great courage to be vulnerable and  share a raw truth. These truth when exposed, leaves a deeper impacts, it can lift you up, it can set you free, it can be anything! In today’s world- Everything is precious. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive and understanding people is very important, also it’s difficult to have.. but one can try and figure that out. It depends on us that we can choose our routines, activities all of our own, but choose that wisely, make sure that those conversations you’ve Elevate you to your highest good. 

Let your heart radiate your truth . . Choose

Your conversations


partners wisely. . They become you! ! 

There’s something a misconception about- that few thinks Attention is love, that makes them suffer a lot, 

Attention and LOVE

It’s not our fault darling! This is from our childhood… deep emotional conditioning given by our caretakers! We always seek attention from our loved ones.. our mind always seek attention as proof that we’re loveable. Even negative attention makes us feel like this is love. This can open doors for people to abuse or take advantage and we become habitual to highs and lows. Learn to discern between attention and love. Attention is suffocating and confusing… it comes hard and fast and it makes you possessive about. On the other hand love is unraveling and acceptance of who you really are and allowing you to become. 

We all are worthy of love… stay loved. 

Self love is the Highest frequency that attracts everything you wants . .

The Distractions . .

Social media and it’s inhuman content is all about the distraction, not completely I would say… but somewhat somewhere it is. Somewhere the connection between human and heart is missing. Don’t you think it is? Tell me naa what you think on this! Leave a comment. We are human, we are here for personal love to love others but not unconditionally. We’re not master in love, we find messy love, universal love, crazy love or broken love. But we find love, right? We didn’t come here to be perfect.


You are here to be gorgeous, to be human, know your human within you.. Stop telling that badass story that doesn’t exist on social media.. stay present and feel fully, share what you are.. it doesn’t require the perfection. Feel free and  shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get-up and play and work and love and live and die as you. It’s enough to be you! Feel your existence, your connection with your heart- human heart !Communicate effectively

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You can do better! 

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