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Everything in life starts with our mindset first, and then our actions play the role. I’ve said this many times in my blogs, Have you read previous one? If yes, then Thanks a million and if not, then please go and check that out soon. So, in this blog I’m gonna share some of my updated thoughts on my older blog related to How to letting go of your past. Along with that would like to share something more on how to improve your mistakes. Especially when our problems are beyond our control.

I am now 28 years old when I started writing blogs. Did not know at that time what to do when something happens to you. Such a mistake that you can never improve. You can never ever correct. It is not that there was no way to rectify the mistake. I could do it but maybe it was late I guess! Anyway, something in our life can never be undone, right? My answer is yes! Sometimes we think we wish this day or this time had not come in our life, surely there are some possible ways to fix the problem. But instead of fixing or should I say while fixing that problem there are possibilities of more trouble in life.

For me, it’s equally important to think about how good you are

and how good you want to be . . .

Add good things

Sometimes we can’t undo the things that may have gone wrong in our life. Our wrong choices, wrong decisions, wrong investments and wrong words, that may have spoken that we don’t want to. I’m not saying that you do not try, you try, but in the right direction. In proper manner which is best for you. Best for your life. We should definitely give our best. But after having done what we can, when we cannot reverse the things, to still keep trying is like attempting to remove or separate sand from a glass of water! I hope you guys understood what I’m trying to convey!! I think it’s just a waste of time instead of adding some good things, taking some good decisions, making fruitful investments and speaking good words , thinking of blunders you’ve done.

Have a confident Mindset

When you’ve done something wrong and when you feel helpless about it,Simply add some more positivity, some more good things to your life instead of thinking about the problem. We often feel how to let go our past, It takes time only if you want to let it go. We humans have different ability to understand, but it is not possible to understand at all. Our understanding is far above our thinking, we have the ability to understand more than we think. We just have to learn to trust our thinking, our intuition. People often lack that confidence and building that self confidence takes time my friend! Confidence and Arrogance

Life is lived forward

But is always judged in reverse

River never flows reverse. So try to live like a river, forget your past and focus on your future. Living in present makes your experiences better.

Past Mindset

Everyone has their own past, sometimes it has been good, sometimes something bad. Now whether to remember the bad or not, we all have different opinions. Some says take a lesson from your bad and forget what happened. Some says that always remember the bad lesson so that you don’t repeat the same mistake further.

What’s your opinion ?

I think for me it’s better to learn and forget about what happened, remembering that will never let you go of your past bad experience. Try adding something good something interesting which makes you feel happy about what you have, what you have done till now. Ok sometimes it feels bad it doesn’t matter, for me -life is also about some good and bad experiences, learn from bad one and cherish the good one. It takes a whole life to understand life, readers! Reading few articles or listening some motivational speeches will help you to cope up with your tough time, There is more need to live, less to understand. The joy is in living. Improve your mindset today.

You can do better!

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26 thoughts on “Managing Mindset

  1. Shikh gupta says:

    Mind set is all about our vision…So yes I’m pretty agree with u.,
    Beautifully explained. I personally love to read all your incredible writings.Keep going shivana✌️

  2. RAJAT CHAUHAN says:

    Gazab ka likha hai…πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Its not how good you are, its how good you want to be… πŸ’™ be the energy you want to attract.

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