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How do we perceive ourselves

Healing our hearts and standing for love is the most courageous work anyone can ever do. Isn’t it? Love and attachment are why we are here. But when we have been deeply wounded, it’s become very terrifying to try again. Every single one of us has a distinctive destiny trail when it comes to relationship. We can’t compare our lives, our journey with anyone else. One of the major fault we make it to see ourselves as permanently shattered and undeserving because our ride looks different to how we visualize it. Here the question comes How do we perceive ourselves ?

There will be people from our past- they can be teachers, caregivers, partners who didn’t see us for who we really are. We may have been hurt, rejected, betrayed. None of that means anything about who you really are. I always wonder how about making home within hearts, knowing who we are and knowing that we have powers beyond we think. Making a home within our own heart is the greatest gift we can offer to ourselves. Knowing who we are and what we value gives us the ability to call in aligned friends and partners who see our hearts.

Why it is scary to try again?

The path we are meant to walk, the people we are meant to meet and the lessons we are here to gather are outlined for our own soul evolution. I realized carrying hurtful projections and words of others in your heart gives you deep wounds and it takes a lot to overcome from those hurtful moments. Do not carry those hurtful projections because you are more than the wounds of your past. As I said above that when when we have been deeply hurt it is really scary to try again. In response, we may occupy ourselves with work, status or many other materialistic things while shying away from our lessons.

Let’s remember why we came here! We spend so much time chasing external fulfillments but in the end we take nothing with us.

Know how do we perceive ourselves

We spend so much time in pursuit of external fulfillments. What do we really want to leave behind? More stuff or memories? Ask yourself. What do we really want to gather in this short time here on earth- money and status or connections, love and warmth. Opening up our hearts requires so much courage. Know what you want from this life you have. What matters to you the most? To each and every person on this tour, I see you and you are so loved and blessed. Believe me. Letting love and family be the priority in our lives really is at top of the list. And that’s what inspires me what I do. All of my writings are from my learning ,my experiences, my vision and the process of releasing ourselves from wounds from past.

Concluding- How do we perceive ourselves

No one knows what you really need and what is best for you. Moreover, you are your own best medicine that will make your pain go away. In addition to that Love is all there in the end. Give yourself some love and care. No one can heal you better than you can. Everything ends with you, just everything. You only have to look inward. In conclusion, What we perceive becomes our reality. They say “Perception precedes reality”. Be better, you can do better.

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