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Mind and Soul Healing >> Reparent yourself (2)

mind and soul healing

Before you go through this blog, I request you to first check the previous blog (Part 1) — Self-healing>>Reparent yourself . Hope you are doing good in your life. I’ve spent the past few months working hard, long hours on this process for mind and soul aligned work. In other words Mind and Soul healing. […]

Learn to be okay with >> Few things

Everything will fall into place, the way it want to be. There is no need to force things or people to stay. This is something which I’ve learned till now and still learning much more on this. In this blog I’m going to share few things which I’ve learn to be okay with in my […]


Everybody have different answer to that question depending on the definition of achievement.  Achievements are never measured, for every one of them makes us feel proud of ourselves and our existence. I think we are here to become something better on existential level. For me everything around us is a part of evolution. Time by […]