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7 Manifestation Methods To Achieve Your Goals

Manifestation Methods are something which is new to me like few months ago. After having a meaningful conversation and mindful classes with my mindset coach now I’m able to understand how all this manifestation thing works. As title itself says 7 Manifestation Methods To Achieve your Goals – I’m going to talk very much about the technique and the process to help you out. Have you heard about the term vibration or say the law of Vibration? Without any doubt, what you believe or your beliefs are the fundamental when it comes to manifestation. When trying manifest anything wether it is your goal, it is important to keep high vibration. So let’s begin.

” If you don’t believe  in something , you’ll rarely achieve it in your life. ”

spend some more time to explore the importance of your BELIEF system and how does it affect.

Know The Importance of Positive Thinking 

Choosing the ideas is something which leads you to positive thinking. Let’s talk in this way, If you view something as negative then how it can be positive  at the same time? From a negative sense of perception no one can evaluate life as being positive. A positive mindset gives you a positive life. Aways remember that a positive mind is greater than a negative mind. Positive thinking is the act of choosing actions and thoughts that motivate us rather than hinder us. Ultimately it brings the best outcome in any situation. A negative thought say for example – I can’t do it. This will discourage you from moving steps forward and achieving goals. Positive thinking is the first initial step for manifestation your goals.

Your Mentality Becomes Your Reality 

My coach said to me that what we believe becomes our reality. Believing in something it the way to seeing it. If you don’t believe in it, it’s not true to you and thus it can not be your reality. Simple! As per the law of vibration when we believe in negative things we tend to experience more negative things in life. These negative things continue to reinforce the beliefs and make you believe in them. As a result, unhappy truth can become even true unless and until you decide to change your beliefs.

Go Beyond Your Thoughts 

They say if you can’t change a situation then change the perception of it. ” Either be controlled or be in control “. Being an over-thinker I can say that our brains are very clever. Trust me. Our brains wants to make life easy for us. Based on previous emotions our brain can optimise to make subconscious decisions. Because of lack of awareness I didn’t questioned my reaction towards the situation. By cultivating this awareness that we are not our thoughts, we are the witness of each thought; we can simply learn to make better decisions as how to act.

Align Your Behaviour & Beliefs 

It is very difficult to change your beliefs overnight, as our beliefs are dug deep into the soil of our subconscious mind. We live them for most of our lives. To align your beliefs you need to first identify the core of belief you need to change. One of friend of mine has a belief that she can’t change her future so she’ll will never be able to change her future. These kind of belief never makes her feel good so instead of thinking this way I asked her to think  about changing her belief. Mental limitations are very bad for your brain health. They limit your potential. I believe that we shouldn’t waste our time trying to create something different. We have to accept the fact that everyone is born with certain kind of creativity and potential and that’s ok. 

Know The Power Of Words And Affirmations

Never ever underestimate the power of words and affirmations. Affirmations are the positive statements that narrate what you wish. Simply repeating the statements over and over again with great stance create a belief in our subconscious mind that this is true. Repeating affirmations is a conscious process and it is a kind of sending instruction to our mind. When I say yes I can, the moment I say these words to myself it make me belief yes I can. If you keep on being told you can do something, you will believe you can.

Words can hurt and can heal.

There is power in everything you write and say.

Be wise with it.

Write Down your Goals 

Recently I’ve read one book talking about that if you write down your goals they are more likely to become true. There is also a story about an American footballer who wrote a letter when he was a kid becoming a professional football player. He is not a psychic, he just knew what he want in his life. One should be very specific about his or her vision for the future. Eventually ideas becomes reality.

Take An Action 

I believe in talking action towards the goals. This should not be confused with thing huge steps, you can move forward with baby steps. It’s not about where you are, it is about what are your doing about where you are at. We often didn’t want to come out of our comfort zone. We might not want to sacrifice or undergo the pain of hardworking to get our desired outcome. But then that outcome will stay out of reach. If you don’t take action you will probably miss out the reward. It is something making chocolate strawberry cake in the same exact way every single day and expecting it to turn into a chocolate raspberry cake. If you don’t change the toppings like adding raspberry to cake , then it won’t change. It sounds silly and that’s fine but people go through their lives expecting change when they are doing the same things over and over again every single day.

Concluding – 7 Manifestation Methods To Achieve Your Goals

Not taking much time, all I want to conclude is that its never too late to change your thoughts and restructure your belief to support, instead of hinder yourself. If you want to change your life, your belief system you’ve to remove or disprove your current belief by finding enough strong reasons to support the belief you want. Feed yourself with this positive energy I’m sending to you via my thoughts and words, emotions but do take an action which is rocking in itself. That’s all for 7 Manifestation Methods To Achieve Your Goals. You Can Do Better!

7 Manifestation Methods To Achieve Your Goals

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