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Signs & Symptoms Of Nutrients Deficiencies

Here are Signs & Symptoms Of Nutrient Deficiencies. Nutritional deficiencies can be a result of poor nutritional intake, any chronic health conditions, sort of medications and due to altered metabolism. It can be a combination of above factors which can affect the level of nutrients in the body. As we all know that we need certain amount of Vitamins and Minerals in our body on daily basis to keep our body healthy. But how do you know that you’re not meeting your daily body needs ? The signs and symptoms may vary from person to person. So read this till the end to find out more.

Iron Deficiency – Signs & Symptoms Of Nutrients Deficiencies

If your Iron levels are low, you might feel cold and can also have dizziness or headaches. Along with that due to low levels of Iodine and Iron together there might be a severe hair loss, fatigue and weakness. Moreover, due to deficiency of Iron there might be headaches and Heart Palpitations. The best part is that you can overcome the Iron deficiency by adding Iron rich food (Such as Spinach and Beans) to your diet or supplements. The RDA is 8mg for men and 18mg for women. 

Magnesium and Iodine Deficiency 

Muscle cramps, poor sleep, headaches, fatigue and menstrual cramps are the symptoms can be found when there is magnesium or Iodine deficiency. Specifically there will be extreme hair loss, constipation, having brittle nails and thyroid issue when there is Iodine deficiency in the body. You can eliminate Iodine deficiency by adding seaweed, fish, eggs, chicken and table salts (labelling as rich in Iodine) to your diet. Pumpkin seeds, Almond, cashews, peanuts, boiled spinach and any green leafy vegetable is rich in magnesium and hence can eliminate the deficiency. The RDA for Magnesium is 400-412 for men and 300-320 for women. 

Vitamin D, C and B Deficiency – Signs & Symptoms 

Vitamins are the essential nutrient that must be included in diet and should be consumed daily to eliminate the deficiency. Due to fresh produce and availability the deficiency is rare in developed countries but roughly 7 % of adults in US affected from the Vitamin C deficiency. Slow wound healing, white marks on nails, low immune functioning, fatigue are the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency. In addition, mood swings, gut issues and headaches are the signs for deficiency of Vitamin B. Vitamin D deficiency include majority the bone issue and weak bones.

To overcome the deficiency you should add all the Vitamin C, D and B rich food items in the diet on requirement basis. Some of the best source of Vitamin C rich food are broccoli, Lemon, orange, strawberry, Parsley and Papaya. For Vitamin D the best source are eggs, fatty fish and mushrooms. The RDA for each of the Vitamins may vary for men and women.

Highlights – Signs & Symptoms Of Nutrients Deficiencies

Calcium regulates your heartbeat, yes this is true! To overcome calcium deficiency you should consume 1,000 mg of calcium each day from food sources or supplements if not available. Without enough calcium intake there will be weakness and the muscles don not fully relax. Calcium-rich foods include as salmon and broccoli. Secondly, A lack of vitamin A causes the cornea (eye) to become dry and that makes the eyes cloudy and can also lead to loss of vision. A diet rich in vitamin A includes milk, eggs, mangos, black-eyed peas and  sweet potatoes. This is all for the Signs & Symptoms Of Nutrient Deficiency. Communicating your concerns with your doc is Essential for you. In that way you can check out the issues and can eliminate the deficiency. So the key is identifying them. Hope this helps. You Can do Better !

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