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Good Vibes Good Life : Book

Book is based on self learned practices and experiences. Author shared experiences he has faced during his learnings towards better life. He begin with self-love, followed by seven different lessons in the book. Each chapter is dedicated to anyone with a dream, a dream to just survive or to make it through the dark day. The purpose of writing this book is that the book will positively changed lives across the world. He says, ” If I can make it happen, so can you”. So let’s begin with the overview of Good Vibes Good Life : Book.

Introduction- Good Vibes Good Life 

The book is comprises of seven lesson – A matter of vibes, lifestyle habits, about how to make yourself as priority, mind work and how does manifestation works. In the end he also talked about pain and purpose in life and how to achieve true happiness. Do not rush, start slowly while starting this book, there are many things to be learned from this book and remember it is not just a book like any other but it is more than that-  A guide to better life.

Highlights from the book 

Sharing some of my favourite highlights from the book below –

To achieve a sense of peace, we need balance. Author says there should be a balance between work & play, action & patience, saving & spending, learning & staying. By taking this balance approach one can feel more at ease & avoid any bad feelings.

Self-love is often misunderstood. It is about acceptance, but people use this as an excuse to remain unchallenged. There should be focus on mindset. True Self- love is appreciating yourself where you’re and who you are regardless any transformation you wish for.

There is matter of vibes. Author talked about the law of attraction and law of vibration. He says the universe responds to your vibration. It will return whatever energy you put out. Once you learn to apply the laws of attraction & Vibration both, your life will transform.

change the way you think, feel, speak and act

and you begin to change yourself.

When it comes to vibes; Author says- Energy is contagious. He says surround yourself with people who are vibin higher than you. Be around people who are feeling better than you. And so as I believe when we meet people like us we feel better. When it comes to changing body language, it’s very difficult especially when things are going wrong. By changing out outer state we can change our inner state, eventually your vibration will rise. The author talked about the power of having a good partner. Don’t be in a relationship for the sake of being in one. If it’s time to say goodbye, be brave and do it. It might hurt now but it will be the source of something greater in the future. 


This book takes time and I repeat do not rush. For me I would say the best part of this book is the language and the real life examples. We can easily connect ourselves with the author. Sometimes we all need a break from the outer world so that we can reset ourselves. Most importantly you always need to sort out your nutrition and water because what you consume, consumes you; what consumes you, controls your life. Everything you eat and drink is important as it affects your reality. Adding to that, saying thank you is easy to say but what if you feel it. The key to showing gratitude is to feel thankful. 

The more you count your blessings, the more blessings you’ll have to count.

Always keep in mind that there might be many things in your world that are going wrong, yet there are many things that are going right. In the end, learn to understand everything you feel. Ignoring negative emotions is like keeping poison in your system. The aim is to transform the negative one’s into something healthier and not to force positive thoughts, so that you can feel better. I highly recommend this book for overall betterment in the life. This is the perfect guide for those who are seeking a path out of darkness and want to live beautiful and purposeful life. You can do better!

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    Amazing book review.
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