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6 Tips on controlling your ego

Ego, the three letter word can destroy things and relations within few seconds. No matter how much you achieve or acquire, your ego will want more. The ego is never satisfied. Here are 6 Tips on controlling your ego. Very few know when to stop and in addition to that a lot of other factors define a person’s success. There are many personal attributes and traits which determine one’s evolution and which also helps in personal growth. Let’s focus on ego other than greed and narcissism. Also the reasons behind why people tend to fail even though they are hardworking and talented. On that here’re few tips on same.

Love is happy when it is able to give something,

The ego is happy when it is able to take something.

– Osho

6 Tips on controlling your ego

6 Tips on controlling your ego

  1. Know when to stop – The ego is never satisfied. No matter how much you achieve or acquire, your ego want more. You’ll find yourself in such a state of striving and reaching for a new end goal making it so you never truly arrive at any of your goals. The thing is, you’ve already succeeded and achieved. Your ego is source of lots of conflict and disagreements. Because it wants you to be right, making other people wrong. Letting go of your need to be right is very powerful, even letting people win and even when you know they are wrong.
  2. Don’t be superior – I suggest to go out of your way to help someone may be a stranger or your team-mate. You must be focused on growth, be humble and being better than usual. A random act of kindness will bring more happiness to you other than else. You’ll probably forget about your ego. In addition to that let someone know your things you’ve been hiding for so long just because your ego does not permits to do so. Try to be genuine and see where it takes you.
  3. Don’t pretend and listen them really – Listen to understand not to replyDon’t pretend to listen just listen them genuinely. This will surely help you to learn new things and much more. What’s the point if everyone talks and no one listening, Isn’t it ? Let someone else to complete the thought chain and step back & actually listen to them.  This will help them open more. Along with that if stepping down encourage someone, then do it. This will definitely helps in curbing ego of yours to some extent and helps you facing reality.
  4. Avoid using the word “I” –  It can not always be about you and being you. So if you’re doing then stop doing this. Stop making everything about yourself and start trying to look things from another person’s perspective. Moreover put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You know why? because egoistic people won’t be able to see anything beyond themselves. With this way you will be able to see things more clear and can make fair decisions.
  5. Embrace letting go things and stop complaining – They say life is amazing and beautiful if you see the positive side of thing. Be humble and grateful of what you have. Hanging on something will only keep you moving ahead in life. Your ego will feed this with emotions and will put you on negative trip. You will feel lighter only if you let things go. Don’t let your ego destroy your beautiful things and relations you have with people you love. Keeping self respect is different but ego is something different. Right?
  6. Stop getting offended –  Behaviour of others is not the reason to get upset. Do not let things offend you as it weakens your energy. Also its not always about the winning the things and not being loser. Winning is impossible all the time and does that makes you loser ? No of course not. So don’t let your ego make you feel offended and feel worthless. Because you worthy and being enough of things you want in your life. Just believe in yourself and things will fall in place. Don’t let your ego controls you.

6 Tips on controlling your ego

With above 6 tips you can save yourself with lots of energy and positivity. With that you can focus on more important things around you. If you are being open to wrong sometimes you can grow and your ego will no longer blocks you. Hope this helps. You can do better!

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