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How to deal with toxic people ?

There are few people around who always have something to be sad about, to say negative in relationships or conversation. They are someone who can never see positive or good in anything. Here I’m talking about How to deal with toxic people ? Unsupportive and difficult people are one of the life’s biggest challenges. Before I began let me tell you one thing that you deserve to have people with whom you enjoy spending time with, who supports you and that you love hanging out with in your life. Toxic people are one of those who brings absolute worst in you. It might be in a friendship, relationships or even a family member. There are two major reasons why to avoid toxic people in life – happiness and health.

toxic people create toxic environment and being surrounded by toxicity can cause more harm than one can imagine.

Characteristics of toxic people 

How to stop toxic people entering into your life ? We can’t always choose the people who enter in our lives, but we can decide who stays afterwards. One of the major signs of toxic people is that they are both manipulative and abusive. There’s a term called gaslighting. Do you know what does that means? It is often used in relationships where people makes you question your own sanity and everything you have ever known. Toxic people are someone, if you’re not okay with something and you open this up, they will make you feel that it’s you fault for feeling this way. By this way they break and destroy your life. They are someone who also adds pure drama to your life and eventually you will always feel drained around them. In addition to that a toxic people manipulates you in such a manner that everything turns in their favour and not yours.

They will control you sometimes and make you feel suffocated that you find it very hard to walk out from that situation or a relationship. Most importantly toxic people can not deal with the fact that they can’t control you. They will always blame you, will never admit their mistakes, disregard your boundaries, they play the victim card, invalidate your feelings and emotions, will not listen you and they are selfish. 

How to deal with toxic people ?

How to deal with toxic people ? 

We tend to adjust way more than we actually can, either out of love or in hope that someday things will change. Hoping someday they will adore us for all the tolerance we have shown. It happens but in Bollywood movies though! What we need to do ? We need to understand the reality and see them for what they actually are and not our imagination of what they would become. You know what – Truth is bitter but we need to face it. We need to move instead of wait and suffer many many years regretting it at the end. We all tolerate some kind of toxicity, abuse in our everyday life. But losing your identity is not something which is to be done.

If you want free yourself from stresses and hassles, it would be best to drive out whomever is pulling  you down.

It may seem difficult in the beginning but  will be worth in the end.


Adjustments will not work every time, stretching beyond your natural personality is a red flag. Women out there if you are reading this make your own space and set your boundaries. You should be aware about the difference between abuse and love. There is more peace and freedom in life. Try to identify the red flags in your relationship and if you’ve any get out of there and distanced your self from them. Same applies for men readers also. Life is same for both because we can’t allow anyone to be this toxic to us. Take a step forward prioritising your well-being. Stop adjusting to their toxic behaviour, They will become more toxic knowing you will adjust anyway. It is not easy to come by, it’s a difficult equation. But one step can make a difference. Hope this is helpful for some. Thanks for being here. Share this with you lovely people. You can do better !

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  1. This is a great post. Thank you, it’s very informative and I think it will help many people who are dealing with toxic people in their lives see their situation in a new light.

  2. Good tips, Shivani. Releasing toxic people from our lives can be the best decision we ever make. Plus, when you let go the lower energy people higher energy people seem to find you.


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