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What is positive thinking ?

Do you know your ability to meet the world ? What is positive thinking to you ? Positive thinking is not something you see the world through coloured glasses. It doesn’t mean to ignore any weakness, any heaviness you are feeling. Sometimes we cover up our pain with false optimism. As we all know that life is not perfect, we all aware about life’s uncertainty. We all feel the weight of sadness, anger, stress and frustration. We all feel the sting of disappointment when life or things doesn’t go the way we want or we hoped. In such situations they say think positive or don’t lose hope. What is positive thinking ? Let’s discuss about the power of thinking positive and avoiding toxicity.

Positive thinking is strength 

Positive thinking is steady strength. It is the ability to keep an open mind when things don’t happen the way you had hoped. But still you rise. You’re willing to keep mind to even believe that sometimes, things don’t happen the way you wanted. Because something better is unfolding for you. You own your power and recognise the strength inside you.

YOU’RE resilient. kind. brave. hopeful.

Positive thinking is believing in the inherent goodness of the world. It is knowing that when you can’t find the good outside of you, you can still be the good. You can still be the love. One can still be the light the world needs so desperately. Positive thinking is the silent breath we take when we know we’ve done the best we can do. That we’ll try agin tomorrow. Also that you will never stop believing in life’s magic.

Own your power and trust the process

It’s all about finding happiness within you. About finding gratitude in little moments. uncovering miracles in your everyday world. keeping your feet on ground, rooted in this moment. Be willing to see the world with love within you. Don’t let anyone tell you that your ability to see the world through the lens of tenderness, with the perspective of aspiration and positivity is a feebleness. Remember, it’s a strength and it’s your strength. The world needs more of it, not less, never less. In addition to that- you are wanted, needed and more valuable than you will ever know.

What is positive thinking ?

Release control. allow life to work through you. it’s a faith. trust. resilience.

it’s a quiet  strength. a gentle power. A BELIEF in something more.


When we start to relate to ourselves in different way, how we relate to other people changes too. When we learn to hold ourselves in high regard despite our flaws, our struggle with self worth significantly declines. It’s also about making the changes to our internal landscape of belief and conditioning. We change our outer world. When we heal, the people we choose to love will reflect our healing. This means replacement of inconsistency, flakiness, aloofness and a general lack of effort with a new standard that requires consistency, warmth and plenty of efforts. In some seasons we require more reflection, being focused on the state of who you are. Stay blessed, sending warmth and happiness to you. You can do better !

What is positive thinking ?

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