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Atomic Habits – Book Review

It is so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making small improvements on a daily basis.  Small habits makes a big difference.

– Atomic habits

What if you change yourself 1% daily? May be nothing today, absolutely zero improvement tomorrow but one day this 1% will compound and you become your best self. This Atomic Habits – Book Review helps you understand how small habits make a big difference. This book is all about how to change your habits & building good habits with ease. According to book – Habit is a routine which is performed regularly. Do you know what does atomic means? It means small amount of thing. The author says- Human behaviour is changing when it comes to situations, moments and time. But this book is about- what doesn’t change. It’s about fundamental of human behaviour. Moreover, this book also talked about long-lasting principles on which one can rely on year after year.

Importance of reviewing your habits – Atomic Habits

The author shared the importance of reviewing your habits so that you can know if you’re really growing. James clear has ability to distill the complex topics into simpler ones that can be easily followed in daily routine and work. Along the way, he made his readers inspired and entertained with true stories from gold medalists, artists, business leaders and physicians. These people have used the science of small habits to master their craft. People believe when you want to change your life, you need to think big. But the author discovered another way, he knows that real change comes from hundred of small decisions you make.

Highlights from the book – Atomic Habits

  • Learn how to make time for new habits even when life gets crazy. Overcome a lack of motivation; Get back on track when you fall.
  • If you are facing problem changing your habits, the problem is not you. It is your system. One thing is for sure that bad habits repeat themselves again and again. this not because you don’t want them to change, but because you’ve wrong system for change.
  • Small habits can make a big change. Improving 1% can be far more meaningful in long run. You need to know how habits work and how to design them based on your likings.
  • Change can takes years before it happens.
  • With practice, the useless movements fade away and the useful actions gets reinforced, that is called habit forming. “Habits are simply reliable solutions to recurring problems in our environment.”

Followed by effective ways 

  • Habits are mental shortcuts learned from experience. Conversely, when you’ve your habits dialed in and the basics of life are handled and done, your mind is free to focus on new challenges and master the next step of problems.
  • Any habits can be broken down into a feedback loop that involves four steps- cue, craving, response and reward. Pointing will raise your level of awareness from a non-conscious habit to a more conscious level by verbalising your actions.
  • Try the first day of week, month or year to start your habit. As author says that people are more likely to take actions at those times because hope is usually higher. Remember,  if we have hope, we have a reason to take action.
  • Self control is a short term strategy not a longterm one. One of the most practical ways to eliminate a bad habit is to reduce exposure to the cue that causes it.
  • Habits are dopamine driven feedback loop. When dopamine rises, so does our motivation to act. In addition to that temptation bundling is one way to make your habits more attractive. It is something which needs pairing of actions – want you want to do with an action you need to do.
  • One of the most effective things you can do to build better habits is to join a culture where- your desired behaviour is the normal behaviour and you have something common with the group.
  • Habits are attractive when we associate them with positive feelings. When we associate habits to negative feelings they become unattractive. Creating a motivation ritual by doing something you enjoy immediately before a difficult habit.
  • Change is easy when it is enjoyable. There are three laws for behaviour change – make it obvious, make it attractive and make it easy. There is also a fourth law for change and that is – make it satisfying.

Satisfaction = liking – wanting

Atomic Habits – Takeaway 

The secret to getting results that last is to never stop making improvements. Small habits don’t add up, they compound. That’s the power of atomic habits. Tiny changes; Remarkable results. The book doesn’t exaggerate things, it’s very practical guide to build a great lifestyle. The only book you need for formation go habits. That’s all for Atomic Habits – Book Review. See you soon in next one. You can do better!

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