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Emotion & Relationships – Book Review

Human Beings constantly make & break relationships. Unfortunately those relationships make & break them too. Why many of us don’t take our relationships seriously? What is the primal urge that demands a bond- Physical, Emotional or Mental with another? How to turn bond into bondage? These are the fundamental questions and their answers this book shares with us by Sadhguru. Emotion & Relationships – Book Review. This is 2 in 1 book comprises of second part other than Relationships called Emotion- The juice of life. Talking about how emotions and thoughts work with us. Are we using our emotions to entangle ourselves or to liberate ourselves?

There are some keys to forming lasting and joyful relationships, whether they are with wife & Husband, friends & family, at work or with the very existence itself. Sadhguru says that Emotion are chemical cocktail that course through our bodies. In addition, emotional are euphoria of intense joy & thrill of elation. The essence of the book is captured best in Sadhguru’s words. Turning our emotions into creative & enriching force is the subject of this book.

Within you,

you’ve experienced peace & turmoil, joy & misery, ecstasy & agony.

So you are capable of all these things.


Our emotions are capable of leaving us stranded in the depths of human experience, at the same time they can also take us to the new heights. Our thoughts and emotions are not really different, emotion is just the juicer part of the thought. Otherwise, your life would be dry and not worth living. It can be a very powerful force of movement if one know how to gather them all. Emotions have their own beauty; they are the juice of life. Emotions make us human, if there is no emotion at all in a human being, you cannot call him human. It is a beautiful aspect of human life without which human being would become ugly.

Emotion & Relationships - Book Review


Before you know what makes Relationships? First ask yourself who are you? what makes you – you? You as a person are a body. A certain accumulation of information and experience which has formed certain attitudes, a certain kind of mind, kind of body, type of emotion, opinions-  a bundle of all these makes “you”. The same ingredients but of course of different kind is “the other” in the relationship. Without knowing all this people are trying to create relationships based on too much fantasy. And which is not the reality. The two bodies of different kinds, opinions, emotional setup cannot be fit into one another perfectly. This is all two people are trying to do in every relationships no matter what kind of relationship it is.

The smartest people on planet- or those who think they are really smart-

tend to have the most horrible relationships.

Generally not essentially.

Highlights: Emotion & Relationships – Book Review 

  • So if you want to have wonderful relationships, do not try to manage the relationship. Look how to enhance who you are on all levels- Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and energy wise. If you do, everybody wants to be in a relationship with you. And if you try to manage all these it is going to be very stressful for you. Everything else get easily managed naturally.
  • Love is not something that you do. It is the very way you’re. Remember it is your quality and if you make love your quality then relationships will happen accordingly to different type of needs you have. People are particularly talking about body based relationships and this is where most of the conflicts happens.
  • Relationships are about the people. Different kind of relationships need to be conducted in different ways. But love is not about someone it is not relation specific. You cannot behave the same way with every individual just because you love everyone. This is based on level of intimacy you have with that person. Accordingly you behave.
  • If you go on playing around with too many people after sometime you become numb. If there are multiple partners in your life your body will get confused over a period of time and this confusion will tell in your life in a million different ways. Your mind gets confused, then you are in big trouble. Now in the name of freedom we want to demolish everything and suffer .
  • There is a fundamental problem in most human beings, they are always looking of the best person or the best things to do in their life. There is no best person nor is there a best things to do on this planet. 

Emotion & Relationships - Book Review

In Addition

  • As long as you feel you’re insufficient the way you are, the moment you see someone whom you think has more than you, you feel jealous. Instead of trying to battle jealousy it is better to work towards your fulfilment. If you give up something forcibly, it will return to you in some other way. 
  • So what greed is, is very relative. You are never greedy, but somebody else who has gotten to place where you are aspiring to get, is greedy in your eyes. Who you are right now is not enough, you want to be something more than what you are right now. The moment you reach there, you want to be something more than that.
  • Fear is a natural emotion in human being, but guilt is socially cultivated. People feel guilty about different kinds of things in different societies. We are going through all this simply because we have labelled something as good and something as bad.
  • How can you live joyfully? You don’t have to do anything. If you stop messing around with your mind and stupid ideas about life, then it is natural for life to be joyful.
  • Exploitation can happen in many different ways, but misery is an exploitation by itself. Somebody else exploiting you in one thing but you are exploiting your own life causing misery to yourself.

Concluding >> Emotion & Relationships – Book Review 

This books turns many conventional beliefs on their heads, such as when Sadhguru tells us that peace of mind is the “A” of life not the “Z” of life. It is the very beginning. As the book progress, it enters the realm of mystic- detailing how emotions taken to its ultimate pitch becomes a possibility for liberation. Sadhguru  also share some extraordinary stories with the devotees. He also reveals that the only relationship that can last beyond life and death is one made on the level of the life energies. He tells us that to live magically, without emotional inadequacies physical compulsions is within the reach of every human being. See you soon with another one. Do check this book once and below recommended blogs. Thank you for stopping by. You can do better!

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