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A Gentle Reminder

What’s attractive? Pause. Ask yourself. A person who is working hard so that he can do better for himself and also for people he loves. A person who is truly humble and finds every opportunity to be kind with others. One who genuinely cares through his words and actions. Lastly a person who perseveres despite life’s many trails. Now tell me what’s attractive to you? Life is full of different seasons, different paths and company along the way. Some of the people you meet will be uncomfortable because of who you are. Let them squirm. Think about what is attractive around you. Focus on your path, your path is vast and coloured than their imagination. Here I’m sharing my thoughts with you all thru this article. Consider this as A Gentle Reminder for you from me with lots of love.

A Gentle Reminder ,

Let them be consumed in thoughts about a life that doesn’t concerned them; while you’re busy in living yours. When people say negative about you in any kind of way, it never has anything to do with you. Often people are dealing with their personal issues and pains. Negative commentary about others is an outlet to validate their personal issues and pains. What is the need to think about them? Your future is in your hand – Its all upto you. Instead of focusing on what you can’t control, focus on what you can. Where you go, what you do, how you live your life, how you behave, the way you live – its all upto you. It’s completely depend upon you. May be you can’t create your history; But today, right now in this very moment of your life, you can choose how you show up for yourself. You can choose how you respond to the world around you. Yes! You can choose what you want to be in your life; whether or not you’ll go for it.

Be Gentle and remember that you get to choose your next step. In my opinion you get to choose how you respond to the challenges and obstacles on your path. And you also get to choose whether you lean into faith or fear, trust or doubt, hope or despair. This is your life. You’re allowed to change your mind. To change your heart. You’re allowed to love whom you want. To learn from them. This is your life so make it count.


You have the ability (we all have the ability) to create the life that calls you, the life your heart’s being pulled to. Remember, you’ve the tools & the resources. Now what you do with the time you’ve left is all up to you. All you need to do is fall hopelessly in love with the life you choose for yourself and rise with full spirit and get succeed. This life of yours may be messy & imperfect, sometimes chaotic but it is your messiness. These all are your imperfections. Choose your chaos. Today. Tomorrow and Always. I want my readers or who so ever reading this right now, to find happiness, peace and accomplish all their dreams. I believe you can do. Smile more, find love, find peace and happiness, live your dreams. Always pause before you react to negative comments, because you never want to add more coal to fire. It’s better to take a moment to set back and let the other person calm before you speak or respond in a healthy manner. Coming soon with more Gentle Reminder – You can do better!

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