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What are the things that kill Relationships ?

If your Relationship is not the biggest source of happiness and joy in your life. If you are not getting the love, dedication  and adoration that you deserve, then I can honestly say that this article is for you. As title itself says- What are the things that kill Relationships ? If you really ever wanted to know how to truly understand your partner then this is for you. This will definitely help you to overcome the issues and will absolutely transform your relationship forever. Along with that here are some Relationship Tips, do check em out now.   One of the most toxic things we all do is ignoring the bad in someone and do you know why? because we want to keep them in our lives. With the means of this article – Discover the simple shift you can make to see the world thru different lens, a lens that will reveal exactly your partner is thinking and what they really want.

You can lose your person from a lack of communication, attention or just disrespect.

You don’t have to cheat to lose your person.

Why do we confuse abuse with love? It is very important to know the slight difference between these two. Love is when you keep coming back in each other arms despite the fights, arguments and mood swings. Above all you can’t resist of being emotionally, spiritually compatible with them.

Things that kill relationship 

  • Ignoring unsolved past trauma – Discuss everything, whatever comes to your mind to make your bond stronger. Remember relationships are fragile and often get destroyed when misunderstood. A person goes through several stages in their life, you never know what they’ve been upto. So try not to ignore unresolved past traumas.
  • Not being aware of emotional triggers – Believe it or not nothings lasts forever. Do not hold any grudges Because you can not lead a happy life with that person like this. Forgiveness is essential. Try not to avoid your emotional triggers and of your partner as well.
  • Making others things number one priority most of the time – Each individual in a relationship should consider the needs of their partner and place them ahead of their own. Those who tend to put their own needs first can never have a healthy and long-lasting relationship in their relationships.

What are the things that kill Relationships ?

  • An inability to express and regulate feelings. Express your feelings and emotions in an effective manner and do this more often .
  • A mentality of – “Be more like me”- You cannot boss your partner. Bossing your partner will kill your relationship. Let the other person have a breathing (More Like their) space. If you don’t give them the space they need, you will more likely lose that person in your life. Everybody wants to have their own space. In addition, Not giving them What they really need can make them uncomfortable over time.
  • Not paying attention to belief system and values – Trust is one of the most (critical) important part of a healthy relationship. If trust is missing, then it comes under something that will kill any relationship. Remember, No one can justify their feelings for long. Doubting creates hollowness which is not easy to work out.
  • Lack of self-awareness and accountability – The foundation of any relationship is respect. Disrespect is again something that can destroy your relationship. Moreover, Be more aware and know that no matter how many times you apologise, each time you behave wrongly with your partner, it will create a huge gap between you two.

What are the things that kill Relationships ?

Concluding >> What are the things that kill Relationships ? 

Above all, would like to add only this one word called – “Communication” to the above list. If you don’t communicate with each other? Then you should better start doing it. However, the communication gap can actually lead to a greater disaster. It is important  that you ask your partner how their day is. Secondly, talk about yours and about household chores, work-related stress, much more. Talking to each other will help you build a strong bond. Try to release your stress to a great extent. Lastly, Believe it or not, talking to your loved ones acts as an antidote to many problems in life. Thats all for What are the things that kill Relationships. You can do better !

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