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What Actually Matters In Life

What Actually Matters In Life ? Initially I was unable to answer this question. But now at this stage of my life I can definitely relate with the decisions  I’ve made during my earlier years. You will find people asking you what matters in life? Some will say family, friendships, memories, time or experiences. One of the most significant lessons I’ve learn as I progress in life evaluating and valuing What Actually Matters In Life. It’s easy to think money, status, luxury and wealth are important in life but the reality is far different.

Nothing will ever be more important than family, the people you love and the experiences we all have in our lives. Isn’t it ? On the other hand money and wealth may be significant, love and time are even more important in life. In this article I’ll be talking about what actually matters to me and about the ways to identify (what really matters).

What Actually Matters To Me

Relationships, family, friendships, time, memories and experiences are what truly matters in life. This is about those people and things than can not be replaced, even if you try. Purpose is another aspect of life because with out purpose you’ll feel empty and useless of everything.You will lack provision and direction whatsoever. Moreover health is also one of the aspect which is equally important. Without health, you don’t have life. Anything can be done and possible when one is in good health. Taking care of mind, body and soul is important. Mind health can be improved by being more productive, eating well and taking time to reset.

These are the things which gives meaning to life. When you place these aspect at top of your priority list then you’d be leading a great life.

Ways To Identify What Really Matters

  1. A lot of people think that you should give importance or priority to those things that make you feel like you’ve achieved something. Such as money or career, these things are great while money and career are replaceable but time and people aren’t. This is where you need to draw a line in between. Remember if they are not defined by status, it matters.
  2. Always listen to your heart what it actually wants to tell you. You’ve  always known what’s important and what is not. It is just the matter of learning how to give importance to those aspects of life.
  3. Growing is essential part of life figuring out what matters, so it becomes very important to lean towards some non-fiction books. This will definitely gives you knowledge you need to determine which things are important in your life. Read more books to grow more.
  4. We live  in a world where it becomes very easy to influenced by the ideas and opinions of others. So it is important to reflect on your daily life to know what truly matters to you. In the end, your priorities will reflect the outcome of your life.
  5. You’ll only learn what actually matters in life if you stick to who you are. Never ever compromise your morals and values for their comfort but stick to who you’ve always been in life. Stay true to yourself.
  6. By finding your purpose in life you can sometimes find what matters to you. When you’ve purpose it becomes easy to know what’s important, whether that’s your loved ones or time. Remember both the things require purpose so have purpose in life.
  7. Meditation is an exercise that helps you to breathe more and let you focus more in life better. It can make your thoughts more clear and when our thoughts are clear we can easily identify what is important.

Bottom Line 

When it comes to an end, the important aspects of life are those which are irreplaceable. One should learn to embrace the moment and memories they have in their lives. Life is all about appreciating big and small moments. Time is limited and sometimes it becomes very difficult to make out some time for people who really matters to us. Not everyone is perfect but if you understand the value of time better, you can gain experiences and develop skills over time. We can protect time – saving it for the activities and people that give our lives the most meaning, happiness and joy. Keep in mind that your family is priceless. Not everyone deserve your time and energy and you can’t pick them. Balance is important and much required.

However learning is something we can achieve by doing things. When you learn from your mistakes, you become wise. Remember that a positive mind always find opportunity in everything and a negative mind finds fault in everything. Lastly cherish each and every moment before your realise it is gone. Finding purpose is important and you can call it as Dreams, your own version of success or aspirations for your career. You must start with yourself first if you really want to see the change around you. Keep in mind that you were made for a specific direction and it is up to you how you figure it out and where to go. I hope this article is helpful to you. Share your thoughts and share this with your people. You can do better!

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  1. I’am interested with the 7th point, that meditation can help and change our life being better. Honestly I have never done that, and I don’t know how to do it, especially it’s motions. I noticed that meditation is different compared to other exercises. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing…


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