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Hello people, we all go through with something boring and dramatic events in our daily life. How often we pause and realize that our every day is full of drama and life changing experiences. There are big events that hit hard and the worst part is those are hard to ignore. There are certain things that occur in a day that also have much to teach you, only if you get aware of them. In this blog i’m going to share few life changing advice from my life and from the surroundings, people around me that might help you in your life. Read the blog till the end and let me know is it helpful in any manner. Also do not forget to share with your family and friends. let’s begin.

1. Overthinking stops once you’re focused on a meaningful purpose

Overthinking makes many valuable things less valuable in our life. firstly, it is the major cause of unhappiness. Secondly, affects mental health issues like anxiety, fear, depression. Lastly, overthinking can lead to shorter lives.

2. Always keep a hobby that makes you feel like a beginner

Get yourself a hobby that makes you feel good about yourself. Show yourself that you love yourself. like we know how to tell someone I Love You. The day is filled with many such opportunities to be grateful of what you are. Writing a journal or diary or any other hobby of your choice will make you feel like a beginner.

Include good habits to make your life smarter by each passing day.

3. Freedom to learn without any specific purpose or deadline is one of the highest privileges

First of all learn to control your mood and emotions. Feel free to learn and speak. If you want to learn things at every single stages of your life then make yourself feel free because learning requires freedom. Learning and your emotions are interlinked so, it is important to control emotions as well. Suppose your anger and your fear will never let you think creative and effectively. It will drag you down. Anger and fear limits new opportunities, new adventures in your life.

4. Spend money on what makes you healthier, smarter and freer

Spend your money wisely. This is the first tip to save your money and how to invest your savings (Read- Time Vs Money) at the same time. Having a financial plan is important to be financially secure. Try to adopt some good habits to save your money and spend it wisely. Know your priority while spending your valuable money. Creating budget might help you where to spend and how much to spend. One of your top priorities should be your health while spending on grocery and body care products. Do not become too strict while spending and don’t forget to reward yourself. This is most important life changing advice among all.

5. You don’t need anyone’s approval to live the life you want

Before you start working on something say your goals, you must define what kind of life do you want? Your job, your relationships and your outfits these all needs your approval not of anyone’s else. We often rely on what others are saying and always seek their approvals from smaller to bigger events in our lives. Remember this is your life, you know it better so stop seeking others approval to live the life you want. Make it in your own way.

This is your life. Do it your way.

6. Your courage starts flourishing the day you realize no one is coming to save you

We always see who is with us. Some people have become so habitual that if they have to go anywhere, they have to go along. They can’t do anything alone. They need somebody by their side. It is not so easy to move forward alone in life but it is not difficult either. Start knowing your capabilities and with lots of courage move forward to achieve your aim all alone. Know your inner strength and boost it with stability. The moment your realize that no body will come to save you, you become unbeatable and you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

7. One of the best thing to do during your bad days- not reacting even when you really feel like

Now this is the important advice i wanted to convey to you all. Do not over react or react even if you want especially during your bad days. This habit of yours will worsen the things more and might drag you down. So always think about the outcome irrespective of the situation.

8. The best source of motivation is deadline

Last but not the least advice for this blog. Setting a deadline will impact your time. It will eventually force you to do your task on time. Learn how to focus on your milestone and saying no the rest of the things which you don’t require. The importance of deadline is that we can control our tasks and our time ( time management) free of confusion.

Moments become memories and people become lessons. That’s life.


That’s all for this blog. These are few life changing advice that might help you to build and shape your future the way you want. Thank you for stopping by. You can also follow the social media accounts of Shivana Blog to get notified for new blog and for daily amazing bomb inspiring and motivational tips. It takes a lot of time and energy for creating such content. Do share and follow on social media as well. I enjoy making them for me and for you all. Thanks again. Glad i’m doing this.

You Can do Better!

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