How to be free from distractions?

There are several areas in our lives in which we get distracted easily. Time flies and life is fast. Nobody waits for you. If you’re not careful while doing your routine tasks it can ruin your whole day and other things also get affected eventually. This is what we call distractions. There are many kind of distractions in our day to day life. You can get rid of those distractions and can mindfully do your tasks if you learn to declutter the mess around i.e both external and internal. Read the blog till the end. Hope you’ll find answers and ideas to create Distractions free environment.

“We are what we repeatedly do. 

Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

– Aristotle

How to be entirely focused on something we do? 

The very most important thing is  to concentrate on one thing at a time to achieve the goal. Try not to be multitasking. Because, we end up spending all our energy alternating between the tasks, instead of focusing on doing one thing at a time. 

We think that combining the tasks will save our energy and time, but scientifically it has the opposite effect. It results least productive people. People get distracted easily.

Technology is great, only if we can control it. It’s not so great if it takes control of us. Yesterday, I have to write a research paper and I sat down with my computer to look up the information I needed. Being so particular and disciplined about my work I ended up spending my two hours surfing the other websites instead of writing my research paper. I was l continually  asking my brain to switch back, not to waste time. But eventually we make more mistakes and remember less of what we’ve done.  

I always wonder how my younger sister wrote her notes while listening to music or audio books together? Simultaneously answering messages as well. So Multitasking.  From my recent books it was written that working on several things at once lowers our productivity by at least 60% and our IQ by more than ten points. I’ve listed down some advantages of being concentrated  on a single task at a time. 

Firstly it increases productivity. Increase our power of retention. Secondly it  helps us feel calm and in control of other tasks. Thirdly it increases creativity. And lastly it makes us less likely to make mistakes. There are few disadvantages of multitasking as well. Number one is multitasking makes things harder to remember. Makes us feel stressed, reduces creativity and decreases productivity. 

Few ideas :

Here  are a few ideas for creating an area or space so that you get less distracted so that our mind can focus on a  single task. 

  • Switch off your phone or put it on silent while working on something. 
  • Schedule your day for responding to mails and messages. 
  • Train your mind to return to the present when you find yourself getting distracted. To achieve that practice mindfulness or meditation. Morning yoga might help. 
  • Create your working space. A proper table and chair. 
  • Organise your plan of work by dividing each activity to its own place and time. 
  • Bundle routine tasks like making calls and sending messages. Do them at once. 
  • Plan your meals. Yes we end up spending hours thinking what to have and what to not. Planning meals for a  week might help you to decide easily and will save your time.  

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How you work on something is more important than the final results. Don’t worry about the outcome – it will come naturally. Happiness is in the doing not in the results. After reading this , you have a better idea of which activities in your life make you enter to get focused on a single task at hand. I’m practising this, and I’m happy with the outcomes as well. I’m enjoying the process of getting things done mindfully. The more you practice this the more you will enjoy and the more you will get closer to your goal.

On this note  ending this blog here and  will come soon with another blog. Till then read and share if this helped you. Take care of your mind, body and soul. Feed your soul with positive and productive experience, your mind with good memories and your body with good food. 

 You can do better! 

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    Well I must say, she is fantastic with words ” Happinesses is in the doing not in the result”.As always I love your words✨
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