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Are you also one of them who notices negative things first and positive later. Or you can not see the positive quality even if you want. We live in a society where people see negative qualities first or simply say that they see the same. They don’t want to look other side. They enjoy doing evil, remove loopholes and then comment on it. I met one such person who seems to have only negativity around him. He sees the same in every human being, no matter how good and noble a person is. So I asked him whether you do not see good in that person or you cannot see. Why don’t you notice good things?

We all have some good and some bad, are different and unique. We all have something good and positive inside. So he replied that there’s nothing positive or good in that person! Is that really true? Why we’re hardwired for negativity? Where does negative feelings or thinking come from? Why does negativity outweigh positivity? 

Why people are so negative?

Negative emotions generally involve more thinking , in that case we as an individual tend to ruminate more about unpleasant situation. That makes us to use stronger words to describe them than happy ones. Why people are so negative? The reason is low self esteem. We all want to hear good things about us. Right? Negative people are some of the most draining to be around. We can avoid these people but in such case it can feel impossible to get away from them, their negativity and the impact it has on our mental health.

Coaching can help some people who’s negative only when someone is open to constructive feedback and is willing to accept responsibility for their behaviour and has desire to motivate, to understand the root cause of their negative behaviour. So this might help to avoid Negativity from their minds and that can help them to see positive souls around them. 

Why don’t people notice good things?

Secondly, how someone is raised is another factor responsible for negative feelings and thoughts. If someone is exposed to negativity early they will either become the opposite or mirror that exact behaviour. This results in pattern thinking and behaving, and becomes how you respond to your surroundings. Your surroundings have a very deep impact. So always choose wisely and spend time with people around you. 

See good in people around you, surround yourself with positivity

Where does this negative thinking comes from?

People judge you by your clothes, the way you speak, the way you stand or walk. Blah blah blah ! We live in a society where everyone has a different perspective on right and wrong. If you have what they don’t have, they will judge you. They get a chance to talk negative about you. And then they becomes so negative that they  sees only corrupt in you again. If you are happy and you are doing well, you are stepping forward in your personal life. I don’t even know how you become immoral. So this is for those who always see negatives in people around them. Below are some tips for both those who speak evil and for those who listen ! 

How to overcome negative bias?

Direct more of your consciousness towards the positive event and feeling you experience and break the patterned thinking and behaving. Second, What is someone eating, where is he going, how is he standing and how is he going.. This is none of your business. THAT DOESN’T BELONGS TO YOU. WHAT BELONGS TO YOU IS FOCUS ON YOURSELF, YOUR THINGS, YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES. HOW YOU WALK AND WHAT YOU WEAR. And if you are not able to do all this then keep your mouth shut. That doesn’t require much effort, because your comments, your words can hit hard. Check on yourself, you can also look how you behave. That requires practice and good things take time. 

Notice good things.

Why does it is very easy to be negative?

Last tip for those who listen, you’re not here to listen negative about yourself. Stay away from those who speaks sinful. Talk a deep breath and delete all the negative thoughts from your brain. This is not tough. We all can do and we all go through such phases in our family and at workplace as well. Find good things in your daily life, notice good things. I know it is hard but one can do.

How to notice good things in people around you?

The very first thing you can do is to show appreciation. Make a habit to be thankful to people who helped you, supported you when you need them most. Be genuine to show how much you care, it will be easy to make a good impression on themselves, that will make your bond stronger. Secondly, Know your core values, Highlight what you stand for. Your core values represents your style , personality and uniqueness. Nothing is to be done by doing or seeing evil to others and criticising them unnecessarily. If you cannot lift someone up, don’t even lower it down. Try to notice positive traits in one and support them enough. Comment your thoughts below. Love to hear from you all. YOU CAN DO BETTER !

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