Dark times

Depression, anxiety or circumstances some dark times want to convince us.

During these dark times,

I thing we all should start prioritising our interests. Read the blog till the end for some ideas and ways to prioritise your stuff. Whenever I experienced those dark times in my life I’ve also had the feeling that something is there, something is too far gone to change. That feeling pulled me down. Those dark spaces in my mind makes me feel low and powerful in the moment. But I keep putting one foot in front of other things and making myself understand that things will get change better with time.

It is possible to grow and glow in the dark!

By releasing all that stuff which no longer serves you will help you to achieve that growth even in your dark times. A worthwhile practice to uncover and review the things of your own that no longer serves you or working can actively help you to create new stuff, help you to choose new stuff. That certainly gives you permission to start new things and to leave behind those which don’t support you.

In this dark time,

We all are going through such stuff which no longer makes us happy or motivated. Leave them behind and choose new stuff. Because life doesn’t stops and time doesn’t wait. People say ” I’m happy” . But are they truly? Are you telling this to please others or to convince yourself? Are you pretending to be happy to ensure that nobody has asked you or are you doing it just to join the crowd? Think about it. Even if they are going through dark times in their respective lives they pretend to be happy like nobody else can do that.

We all experience dark and tough times that doesn’t mean it will not be over or things will not work. There’s no need to pretend to be happy. Be happy if you truly are. No need to please others or convince yourself even if you are not. It is very simple. Because happiness is not something which you can pretend, you may succeed in convincing the world by your actions, by your words, reactions or by social media posts that you’re happy but at the same time you’re fooling yourself. Because no matter how hard you try you can’t convince yourself that you’re happy when you’re not.

Being actually truly happy frees you from the battle with yourself because you become free from thoughts that disturb you. Maybe happiness is a state of mind like people say but that state of mind will only come once you accept the fact that something is wrong and that makes you unhappy. The more you ignore it or try to become unaware from the problem the more it will trouble you. Remember- you owe yourself. You own the love that you give others to make them happy. You deserve that happiness too. Make yourself happy first my friend .

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How to prioritise things you love to perform during such dark times,

Firstly, spread kindness, take time to rest, interact with people and make good friends, work on your dreams + goals, make a reading list – list of books to read. This is sum up for me. I love to prepare my books to read list and to work on mental and physical health. which is why it took me so long to upload this blog. Definitely something for me to keep working on. Secondly, may be it’s a time to be gentle and take a damn break and start something new only if you want to. There are thousands of thoughts that we could be experiencing that are normal but usually not help us. Thoughts are learnt we can rewrite them. Be in control and open to it – To new ideas, words and actions. Remember to be kind to your mind. You can influence what grows. Our mind is always looking for evidence to support the stories you tell yourself. What you tell your mind to look for, it will always find. So, tell it good stories. Ask it to look for the good. See what your mind will show you.

Possibilities allows us to dream more

You’re not running late, you’ve infinite possibilities.

The most hurting parts of our lives sometimes become the origin of our greatest wisdom. If you are walking through a dark time, please know you are not all alone . Sending you lots of love and light of hope. You can do better!

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11 thoughts on “Dark times

  1. Shikh gupta says:

    I must say shivani, it’s a absolutely motivational; a positive article.,
    ” Be kind to yourself” Keep it up shivana.💕

  2. Rajat chauhan says:

    छोटी सी आशा और फिर सब ठीक होता जाता है ।

    वक्त ही तो है,
    आज बुरा है,
    कल बेहतरीन होगा ।

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