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Clear communication is essential >> An Important tool

Clear communication is essential

Communication is such an important tool in relationships, Clear communication is essential to understand your needs and to uncover the cover. Communication can be a healthy tool to maintain a successful relationships. It is important in ALL relationships, it is hard but required and necessary. No one is a mind reader and thus communication is […]

Involvement of THIRD PERSON in Relationships

Advice on relationships is a tricky thing, it can be annoying and sometimes may be insulting. ( We all have that friend right! Who gives advices on relationships, in that case I don’t have any). ADVICE. You should not give it for free because nowadays it is not the time to give advice without asking, […]

Celebrate real bond

We as humans constantly make and break relationships. Unfortunately relationships can make and break human beings too.  Relationships! We can’t live with, we can’t live without them. Why are relationships such a circus for most of us? And how do we keep this bond from turning into bondage? Read: Relationship goals In today’s blog I […]