Clear communication is essential >> An Important tool

Clear communication is essential

Communication is such an important tool in relationships, Clear communication is essential to understand your needs and to uncover the cover. Communication can be a healthy tool to maintain a successful relationships. It is important in ALL relationships, it is hard but required and necessary. No one is a mind reader and thus communication is needed. Try to communicate your needs no matter what surrounds you, remember it is necessary. People do have a bad habit of thinking people are mind reader, if you are also one among them then you need to speak out and I’m sure it will help you a lot. Read the blog till the end to find more about it.

Communicate your needs

The people in your life are not mind readers, communication is essential, regardless of how close you are. Your family, friend, doctor or your partner is not a mind reader. To ensure that your needs get met, you actually need to communicate the needs. Clear communication is the best way to avoid resentment and to ensure that your needs get met. No one can read your mind. Even if you are really close, someone should not be expected to be able to just know what is going on. This applies to our every kind or say ALL relationships.

Don’t expect them to just figure out- Communication is essential

If you are upset about something, Don’t expect them to just figure out. Tell them. If you need, want or expect something, don’t forget to communicate those needs, wants and expectations. Make it simple and straight, avoid complications. People often get confused between compatibility and understanding in relationships. Understandings comes when you Communicate effectively and when you think that clear communication is essential. Compatibility is not about being able to magically guess or know what the other person wants. It is about active involvement , putting in the work to communicate, you need to build the relationships. Similarly, you need to acknowledge one another’s needs and boundaries.

Concluding- Clear communication is better than the thing “Just Know”

Stop expecting people or someone to “just Know” what you want or what you don’t want? They are just like you. You might feel to be independent of this but underneath this might be something else. May be a kind of fear- fear of rejection or losing someone. Before you talk to your partner or friend, understand your needs completely. Keep in mind this is not easy or straightforward or clear-cut. ABOVE ALL this is necessary and essential. This is all about being compassionate and being patient with yourself when learning how to communicate what’s on your mind. hope you find this helpful in any manner, if it does share with people around you. Avoid being hard on yourself and your relationships. You may need to hear this today, share your thoughts in the comments. See you soon with another one. You can do better!

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  1. Shikha gupta says:

    Wow…I just love this topic..For me communication is a bridge of beautiful relations it always helps connect two different people..Just love this blog💮keep it up shivana

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