Why you feel INSECURE and ANXIOUS >> Challenges

Why you feel anxious and insecure

There are many reasons and situations why you feel insecure and anxious. Have you ever throwback on WHY you feel insecure and anxious? Most of us write it off as something to fix or as a character flaw. This is a common mistake, many of us make. Have you ever try to uncover the reason behind the anxious behavior of yours? When you uncover the rooted reason of your anxiety, you are able to perform and transform it in a positive way.

What you don’t own, owns you. – Debbie Ford

We all are somewhat afraid of our emotions and we always try to repress them. If we don’t practice acknowledging them, we tend to feel anxious and more insecure. I know this is hard to do because you have heard that you are too emotional and sensitive. We tend to feel anxious and insecure when we reject an essential part of who we are. The very sole reason behind this is your actual self has NOTHING on your revised self. Your real self admit their responsiveness, emotional response and passion for love.

Being anxious and insecure makes us feel we are not capable. Anxiety tries to tell, stop us from doing things that we so badly want to do! Don’t let yourself or your mind tell you that you can’t do this. There is a good side to every worst situation. You may feel highly sensitive to how other people feel and what they think of you, but that can be a positive thing. Similarly, You may feel like you are always worrying about what might go wrong. You thoroughly think about decisions and the positive outcomes. This often means you are less likely to make mistakes than others.

Even in a negative situation, there is always a useful side. Even if you can’t pick out.

Why you feel anxious and insecure

Solution to many of your challenges – Insecurity and anxiety

When we are triggered into anxiety and insecurity, we often go through some situations and we might have certain reactions as well. Below are some points to keep in mind-

  • Whatever comes, let it flow through you instead of resisting.
  • Anxiety and the excitement are physically the same, pretend that you are excited and see what that feels like.
  • Everything passes, both good and bad. If you can stay with it long enough, so will this.
  • Anxiety begins as protection from your brain. Be grateful for your power.
  • You are not responsible for your first reaction to anything in life. Your first reaction is a reflex. You can’t help it. But you are responsible for your second one.
  • Know that anxiety and excitement are experienced exactly the same physically in the human body. Feel it out. And then response.
  • Know the Hidden symptoms of depression you should know
  • Anxiety is the first reaction, stay awake and aware of potential danger.
  • Focus on more you can control often soothes anxiety.

Concluding >> Reasons why you feel Anxious and Insecure

People often put immense amount of pressure on themselves to make the right decision. Avoid putting pressure on yourself, I hope that something good happens to you while reading this. Speak to yourself and people around you or whom you trust with empathy, encouragement and compassion. Use healthy distractions , call your friend talk to them, go for walk and feel your thoughts. Normalize the situation by seeing how any human being would experience this same reaction after what happened. Hope you find this helpful. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. You can do better!

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    “Anxiety” what a fire explanation…I just like it, how smoothly u elaborate all in so short form…Thank u shivana for helping us through your words…Just keep it up🌸

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    Topic is quite interesting. and help to council today’s youth.anxiety is the biggest challenge to the society though we can’t except it easily hope help to understand and address youth problem

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