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This is for one with good heart. Some day you will get, what you justify. The only thing you need to do is to keep chasing your dreams and keep working on them. In this blog I’m gonna discuss about finding your own closure and how much we all suffer and struggle. I know you went through so much- it was unfair to you. It was prejudiced that no one appreciated you. No one remain by. It was biased that you struggled a lot, you struggled a lot with your mental health. People betrayed you, It was unjust that people who wronged you got away with it. It was all inequitable, but it shaped you, into the kind human, gentle and strong. Now you are so different, you have grown strong. You have changed a lot. You are built of experiences, lessons and inspiration.

Despite it all, you have kept yourself alive. Remember that you are an inspiration to the world. You have a good heart and pure soul. We all are beautiful inside and outside. You can find your own closure. Be grateful that you carried yourself very well. Being a pure soul remember that pure heart never lose. Always remember that even though it feels like you have lost something, but the truth is you are the winner. You will get everything you rate in ways you never expected. Your blessings are coming.

We all desire to our own closure

The truth is that you desire closure, you want explanations that why things happened this way or that way. We all want something that tells us that this is not our fault and that there was nothing we could have done differently. The truth behind this thought is sometimes people are not mature enough to Communicate effectively Few people don’t find it necessary to give explanations for why they did, what they did.

Human nature can be quite selfish. Sometimes we don’t get words or gentle goodbyes.

In fact, sometimes we get bland silence coated with bitter goodbyes. Understand this- that sometimes you’ve to find your own closures. You have to understand that you are actually worth so much than how you were treated. You have to stop waiting for apologies. We most likely won’t receive. And even if you still find yourself missing anyone, remind yourself that why would you ever want to associate someone who could not even be mature enough to give you explanations?

You deserve mature bonds. Bonds with respect, communication and love- and that is your closure.

Concluding- Try to find your own closure

It is necessary to find your own closure. No one will protect you from the heartbreak right around the corner. No one out there will protect you from your suffering. Suffering is inevitable, it is simply a part of being human. Remember that you can scream, cry and fill the pages of you diary and rip them out in the shreds the way your heart turned out. You have to learn to understand the process. Secondly, you have to be gentle with it the way you are gentle with the sufferings of others. Lastly, You have to take your sufferings to the path of joy and to new hopes. Thank god and you have to show it that love and laughter exists. You have to show it that you are stronger that it will be ever be. Till then, take care. You can do better!

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