Facts about jaggery powder and sugar

Jaggery, popularly known as Gur, made up of unrefined sugar. It is commonly used in Indian households on daily basis. Jaggery is an excellent source of healthy sweetener. On the other hand, sugar is not considered as healthy sweetener. We all love some amount of sweetness at least once in a while. So, we need to be aware about the facts & benefits of jaggery powder and sugar. Indeed it is advisable to stay away from sugar because eating too much of added sugar can have few negative health effects.

Excess of sweetened foods and drinks can lead to weight gain , increased risk of heart diseases and fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Nowadays, food manufacturers add sugar to many products that are not good for our body, because it can leads to person’s blood sugar levels to high level. So, go through the guidelines given that one should limit sugar intake in a day. Approximately per 100 grams of sugar contains 387 calories. As per the study, on an average adults are consuming estimate amount of 77-100 g of added sugar every day, which is more than the recommended . Meanwhile children are consuming close to 83 g every single day.

Recommended daily intake of carbohydrates

Apart from that, carbohydrates acts a fuel to body that provide energy throughout the day. The body breaks down the food containing carbohydrates into glucose, which can later absorb by bloodstream. Some amount of glucose is required by brain (Central Nervous System) to function properly, also by red blood cells. Our body uses carbohydrates as a energy source. Some sugars like fructose, sucrose, lactose occur naturally in foods and drinks. On the other hand added sugar are something which is added in foods that are not naturally occurring. As per the research it is found that the daily intake of carbs for adults and children of over one year age is 130 grams. (45-65% of calories should be carbohydrates). Children of age 2-18 Should consume less than 25 g of sugar a day.

Here are some health benefits of jaggery powder

  • Jaggery is rich in fibre, it makes bowel movements easier and relieves in constipation.
  • It activates digestive enzymes and facilitates digestive functions by reducing pressure on intestines.
  • Jaggery is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium.
  • It has all the original minerals because it is unrefined sugar.
  • Jaggery purifies the blood and cleanses the respiratory tract, digestive tracts and the lungs.
  • It also eliminates the toxins from body.
  • Improves the immunity.
  • Acts as anti-allergic.
  • Are rich in antioxidants, fights from asthma and lung infections, sore throats etc.
  • Used as remedy for respiratory illness.

Some tasty ways to include jaggery powder in diet

  • Instead of sugar use jaggery in tea or milk
  • You can experiment jaggery powder with your breakfast oatmeal and cereals.
  • For dishes like kheer, use jaggery instead of sugar
  • You can simply consume small amount of jaggery block after you meals.
Nachni / Ragi laddu and biscuits or cookies made using finger millet, sugar and ghee. It’s a healthy food from India. Served in a bowl or plate with raw whole and powder.


Jaggery is good for your sugar cravings without effecting your sugar levels. Organic Jaggery is completely devoid of harmful chemicals which are used during the time of cultivation and processing. Always monetize your sugar intake throughout the day, make sure you use jaggery powder instead of sugar in your dishes. Jaggery is also good for your weight loss journey because it has no trans fats. Trans fats are the reasons of weight gain. Let me tell you one more fact- consuming too much of jaggery may cause cold, nausea and headache or vomiting etc. Too much of anything can increase weight, jaggery also contains small amount of fats and proteins. That’s all for this blog, hope this will help you in some way. Don’t forget to share your thoughts. Eat healthy and stay blessed. Till then enjoy. You can do better!

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