Tips and food items to boost immune system

What is immune system?

This is the system which protects our body from infections and diseases. It is important for our survival. If our immune system is not good then our bodies would be more prone to get attack from bacteria viruses and more. This is our immune system which protect us from bacteria and pathogens and keeps us healthy. The main function of this to fight against the diseases causing germs and changes in our body. So there are some healthy ways to keep your immune system strengthen. Also going to discuss some food items that will boost your immunity.

Tips to boost immune system

  • Stop smoking because it leads to respiratory tract infections and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Do Daily exercise and have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables
  • Get enough sleep of 7-8 hours/ day
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water
  • Less stress and more laughter
Daily exercise, plenty of sleep and stress management

There are some researches which shows that deficiency of micro nutrients like zinc, folic acid, iron and vitamins can alter immune response in body. What next? Make sure you eat balanced diet comprises of fruits, veggies, lentils and curd. Along with that Intense exercise and plenty of sleep. If you don’t like vegetable then you can also go for multivitamins and supplements. There are some products (herbal) which claims to boost the health of immune system, further there are no such evidence that they really boost immunity. But there no such reports because this is complex process. Secondly, stress is difficult to define in modern scenario. When people are exposed to stressful situation, it is difficult for them to measure stress. How much stress they feel? There is a direct relationship between stress and immune system. If you want to have a good immunity? be stress free. It sounds easy but difficult to manage. But one small step can might help you in big way.

Food items to include

Citrus fruits, Almonds, broccoli, spinach, sunflower seeds, red bell peppers and yogurt. These all are consider as good source of Vitamins and minerals. Feed yourself with these kind of food items for healthy immune. If you choose supplements, be sure of the quantity and consult your doctor before consuming them. Above all garlic and ginger also have amazing immune properties. Both of these are helpful for reducing the cases of inflammation. Ginger is helpful for the cases of nausea. One should must include these two ingredients in meals. Spinach and broccoli, these two make great combo to be include in salads.

Turmeric is also among the one which posses great anti-inflammatory properties. This is the key ingredients in Indian cuisine. Research shows that the component present in turmeric is good for muscle building and as immune booster. Last but not the least is yogurt. There are flavored yogurt in stores as well, but try to consume the plain one. Because those flavored one are loaded with artificial sweeteners which is not good for health. Yogurt is also a good source of vitamin D, which helps to regulate immune system.

Food ingredients to boost immunity.

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Variety of food items is the key to good immunity. It is the key to proper nutrition. Including only one or two ingredients in your diet will not help. Pay attention to your portions of meals. Try to know the standard size and recommendations of daily intake so that not too much of any ingredients and not too much less of them you will consume. Start with this basic tips and most importantly stick to whatever you decide. Be aware of seasonal flus and infections. Get yourself vaccinated as soon. If this blog seems helpful to you share with others. Thanks for being here. You can do better!

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