What are Antioxidants and how they are important for your body?

Antioxidants are the chemical compounds which are good for skin and protect the cells of your body from various kind of life threatening diseases like heart disease, organ damage and cancer caused by molecules (free radicals) produced when our body perform several other body functions. A diet high in antioxidants reduce the risk of many harmful diseases. It remove those free radicals from body and reduce the damage caused by the process of oxidation. In this blog, I’ll discuss some healthy food items which are high in antioxidants. Share your thoughts in the comments if this blog is helpful for you. Do share this blog with your friends and family if you like this blog.

Why antioxidants are important?

AS I said above antioxidants are good for your body. So you must include these in your diet. All kind of berries like strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and raspberries are good source of antioxidants. These are less available at some places. But don’t worry there are many more food items which are also good source that includes- Dark chocolate, kale, beans, beetroot, spinach, green tea and red cabbage as well. These are the food items which are easy to grab at markets and stores. So add more fruits and veggies to your plate, it will help boosting your health. You know what, some food items are high in content when compared so, choose accordingly.

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Bottom line

Remember too much of anything is harmful, so same goes with this also. Try to balance your diet with enough amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins as well. Try to maintain balance within your body internally so that you can overcome daily challenges and achieve your best. In other words, these are good for your heart, also increase productivity and keep you up throughout the day. Foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E are all antioxidants. You can also take them in the form of oral medication but I suggest consume them in naturally in the form of fruits, veggies and drinks. That’s all for this one, will come up soon with other informative article. Do check other categories of blogs for daily motivation and self improvement that might help you in any manner it can. Enjoy. You Can Do Better!

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