Healthy herbal teas and facts

Herbal teas-  are beverages made from the infusion or blending of herbs, spices and other plant-based material by using hot water. Plant material include- flowers, leaves, roots, bark and other edible parts of plants used. Herbal teas are made up of curved leaves of the herbal plant or other plant parts. However, herbal teas can be made with dried flowers or with fresh  fruits leaves, seeds. They are made by pouring hot water over the parts of plants and letting them steep for few minutes. Then that tea is strained, it can be sweetened if desired and served hot. There are also some list of herbal tea and facts to know, also you can make on daily basis.

Now a days there are some companies producing herbal tea bags for such infusion process. That saves your time but I would suggest to use loose leaves and loose packet for your consumption. There are variety of teas available in the market and you can also make one of your choice. Read the blog till the end to know more health benefits and facts of herbs and herbal tea.

Is herbal tea is good for weight loss?

The ingredients of herbal tea and their formulation can be differ but studies have found that the herbal tea may help in weight loss in a healthy manner. It helps in loosing belly fat and calories. Drinking tea has been associated with other health benefits and reducing heart diseases as well. If we talk about green tea, it has more antioxidants and highly effective for weight loss. A part from herbal tea, black tea is also a type of tea which is considered good for weight loss journey. Several studies also shown that black tea is effective when it is about weight control. 

Other than black tea, white tea made up of young plant parts, tastes sweet and delicate is also help to losing weight and body fat. 

Herbal tea diffuser

7 Health benefits of drinking herbal tea

  • It is fat free
  • Can help prevent chronic diseases
  • Works as immunity booster
  • Improves brain function
  • Can help reduce pain and soreness
  • Diabetes and blood pressure management
  • Improves mood and mental health
Edible parts of plants for making herbal tea

Which tea is healthiest?

From green tea to lemon tea, chamomile tea to white tea and black tea, these are full of flavonoids and other health goodies. Several studies have found that tea are helpful for fighting cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and lowering cholesterol. It also brings mental alertness. Tea also have antimicrobial properties. All these teas have caffeine and theanine which affects the brain and heighten the mental alertness. 

Black tea made up of fermented leaves and high in caffeine, also use a base for chai. It is also found that balck tea prevent lung damage and reduces the risk of stroke. 

White tea , unfermented and has most anticancer properties as compared to other processed teas. 

Green tea made from dried tea leaves, has some amazing health benefits. It improves cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of strokes. Prevent clogging of arteries and veins. Burns fat and has high concentration of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate).

Pepper mint tea it contains menthol, naturally occurring muscle relaxant. Lemon and ginger tea, made up of fresh lemon and ginger.

Chamomile tea good for treating anxiety disorder and helps soothe and calm. Tulsi tea made up of both fresh and dried leaves and stem of Tulsi. Hibiscus tea, made from hibiscus flower, high in antioxidants. Also helps to boost immunity.

Lemon balm tea works to reduce a stress hormone. Do not cause drowsiness. Turmeric tea, reduces inflammation, made from dry turmeric. You can also use lemon grass to make lemon grass tea.

Rose hip tea made from the fruit of the rose plant, high in Vitamin C, reduces inflammation. Reduces pain in muscles.

A cup of herbal tea, made from dried herbs and flowers.

Nutritional facts of herbal tea

As per 100 grams – it consists of approximately 37 grams of calories, 0.4 g of protein, good amount of carbohydrates, iron, potassium and sodium as well. It is calorie free, cholesterol free and Contains less amount of sugar. It is consist of Saturated fat which is good for your body.


Herbal tea is available in different varieties with amazing health benefits. These are naturally fat free and sugar free. Are you a true tea lover? If not don’t be afraid to try these herbal teas. Must try and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. Share this blog with your friends and family. Till then take care and remember- You Can Do Better!

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