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Healthy herbal teas and facts

Herbal teas-  are beverages made from the infusion or blending of herbs, spices and other plant-based material by using hot water. Plant material include- flowers, leaves, roots, bark and other edible parts of plants used. Herbal teas are made up of curved leaves of the herbal plant or other plant parts. However, herbal teas can […]

Facts about chia seeds

Nutritional value and benefits of chia seeds In this blog I’m sharing some amazing facts about chia seeds along with that its nutritional value and health benefits. Read the blog till the end sharing some related recipes as well. If you like this blog do share with your family and friends. Chia seeds- Born in […]

Nutritional benefits of Avocado

What’s an Avocado? Avocado, a fruit. Also known as butter fruit, because of its creamy texture. Having approximately 160 calories or more than that, it also contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Avocado provides a sufficient amount of healthy Monounsaturated fatty acids. Fat is essential for our body functioning. eating healthy fat can helps to […]