Social bullying

Social bullying on social media

Bullying that happens on social media is just harmful as other bullying- now a days it’s getting worse. Getting bullied on social media or through text messages can feel really terrible. Being connected to your phone or computer all the time means that a bully can sneak into your life. A part from online social media bullying, people generally bully each other or people they hate by saying abusive words or statements in from of them, which is also not specified, by sending hurtful texts, messages, post or images or videos.

It can be by insulting, inappropriate sexual comments, threatening to cause harm; making rude or mean hand gestures. Bullying is not in between people of certain age groups, none than that this can be seen among teens or school going kids as well. Bullying can be physical, it can be verbal, social or cyber bullying. How many of you have experienced this before and what are your thoughts on this , tell me in comment section. let’s begin with the ways by which you can keep yourself safe from those people and toxicity.

A healthy mind does not speak ill of others.

There are things you can do to stop online bullying:

  • Take a break from your phone or computer– Take a break from social media
  • Report bullying where it happens – You can report online abuse on any social media platforms.
  • Tell an adult whom you trust – Talk with a parent, teacher or someone who can be supportive.
  • Don’t respond to threat messages– This can make bullying worse. 
  • Report serious threats to Police
  • Keep your personal details private – Don’t share your home address or phone no. On social media.
  • Block and Unfriend – Block any harassing account or email address. 
Teenage Boy Being Bullied At School, covered his face – group of students threatening to hit classmate or junior at university – Concept of teasing, bulling or warning at college campus

Online social bullying

Online bullying can hurt others and it can have serious consequences. Being bullied can make you feel alone, scared and hopeless. Some people have even committed suicide because they were harassed online and didn’t think it would ever stop. The internet is permanent . It is a part of our daily lives now. No work without internet. This is human tendency- its not complete until shared on social media , sharing is okay for me but not everything I think. Everything is not meant to be shared, Dance Videos are trending now a days, I don’t know what they want to show on the name of dance. but all they’re doing is what others are doing. This is what they called trend. Copying is the new trend I guess.

Beauty Standards.

Whatever you post , even if you delete it,  it can live forever. Assume anything you share online could be seen anywhere and by anybody no matter what kind of privacy settings you use. It’s also easy for people to save and take screenshots of pictures or videos you post online. So be careful before you share something on social media. Also you can see what kind of picture or content you’re going to share with people on social media. Watching your audience can also help you to not get bullied. 

You never look good trying to make someone else look bad

bullying is never ok .

But this will not help us out with this.  Why this social bullying happens?

Reasons behind bullying :

  • wanting to dominate others and improve their social status
  • having low self-esteem
  • having a lack of remorse or failing to recognize their behavior as a problem
  • feeling angry or frustrated
  • struggling socially
  • being the victim of bullying themselves 
  • Bad mental health 


If you find anyone doing such activity anywhere whether it’s on social media or in person, don’t ever support such activity. Those words, stupid silly comments can hurt deep and can lead to bad mental health and sometimes even worse than that. In my previous blogs I’ve spoken about the importance of words in one’s life, I request you all, to be careful what you share on social sites and also help others if you find anyone bullying other on social media. Keep your mind healthy and full of positive and good words and always keep in mind not to speak bad or ill about others. Thank you for stopping by and supporting my content and the hard work behind creating such contents for you all. Keep reading. Keep loving.

It’s all about you

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  1. Dr. Aastha Visen says:

    Thanks Shivani for beautifully portraying this sensitive, and often overlooked, topic. The cases of social bullying are only on the rise! Please keep us posted on more of such social issues. Great job!

  2. anupam says:

    wow great subject .in my favorite .though we have so many platform to express but still we get victimise by bullying .i thing no one.left either directly or indirectly .its a great consern now a days we must think ho it hats of you to raise this challenging topic

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