New Year 2022

Can’t believe we are officially in New year 2022, Wishing you all a very happy new year my readers. I wish this year brings courage, compassion, new opportunities, hopes and right people in your lives. With a new year comes new hope. What are your new year wishes readers? Let me know in the comments. This blog is all about letting go as we enter the New year. However, it’s equally important to hold on things we were doing well for ourselves, with others and on this incredible planet as whole. Some of us have worked very hard to heal from our emotional wounds. This year find more things to be thankful for and step out of your minds and into our lives.

Having grace and enjoying the journey

Some of you are struggling right now coz it is that time of the year again . . a new year for new you, and more importantly you know that how does it goes. So, how about we just accept ourselves for where we are in the journey right now. How about having grace in this very moment? How about we just be gentle with ourselves for all of the mistakes we have made last year and the ones we have yet to make this year. You know why? Because we are human and it’s gonna happen. Continue working on yourself everyday of the year to be a better version, instead of trying to pack in complete change in a few short weeks. Remember, you are enough right now, so stop thinking of yourself as less and strive to be better. Take the time to invest in yourself and who you are, practice self care everyday this new year 2022.

You are enough, even if no one tells you this week, I want you to mutter it to your heart and keep going. Focus on the good you’ve accomplished last year, even if it just a few small steps in the right conduct.

You’ve wings, 2021 taught you,

2022 will be the year you fly but first . .

First get rid of all that weighs you down!

New opportunities

Things to leave behind and reasons to be excited for 2022

Leave behind those unhealthy relationships, Excuses, the comparison game, suppressing your feelings, unrealistic expectations, fear of the unknown, the need for control over everything, anything or anyone contributing to your unhappiness and the need to be busy all the time. And here are some reasons to be excited for 2022 – New people to meet, new skills to master, new goals to crush, opportunities to catch, places to explore and above all new you to become.

Accept uncomfortable truths this year

Firstly, you have to stop prioritizing being loved by others over the love you’ve for yourself. We need love sometimes by others and that’s okay but don’t prioritise that. You can shower the love you have for yourself. Secondly, change your behavior if you really feel sorry to someone because changed behavior is the only apology. In addition to that reading books can be a smart thing but how about reading yourself? If you learn to read books, you can be elegant but If you learn to read yourself you can be anything. Yesterday has gone, what happened yesterday may not be your responsibility, but how you act today is. Always be particular about your time and day in your life. Lastly I would like to add, if you continue to wait until you are ready to begin with something, you will be waiting for the rest of your life. Don’t think too much about anything, protect your feelings and respect your decisions. So let’s go with 2022. Happy new year everyone, best wishes. Love, You can do better!

We will never lose, What is meant for us.

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  1. Shikha gupta says:

    Wow you r here with an amazing blog….
    Happy New Year shivana💗
    Love the blog…I agreed “we can be anything”
    Thanx for such an energetic blog.

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