Why do we lose control of our emotions

Why do we lose control of our emotions

Feeling your feeling is not humane, it is pedagogic. Hey reader out there, hope you all are doing great in your lives. I’m here with this blog talking about Why do we lose control of our emotions. On the other hand our emotions have information for us, we only recognize them when we stop resisting. Even I resist it sometimes, not allowing them moving through me. Recently I discover our emotions have fresh information for us. True liberation and damn a better awareness or say education isn’t gonna to be found in your frame of your mind, it is the other side of your sentiments.

Below are some kind of emotions that have information for us. There are different kind of emotions that rule our daily lives. We all make decisions based on how we feel whether happy, angry, sad or bored or frustrated. We commonly choose our hobbies based on the emotions they ignite. If you’re aiming to make real, enduring change this year then this blog is for you. Stay till the end. Also don’t forget to check out the related and recent blog links.

Our emotions have information for us >> Control of Emotions

Firstly, Anger – most common- reveals where our boundaries are. In better to understand our emotions there are key elements that can help us to find more information on. Personal experience, Mental Response and Behavioral feedback are the elements that are helpful in order to better understanding of our emotions. Anger reveals better understanding of boundaries. We also don’t experience the purest form of emotions we have mixed form of emotions and due to which we lose control over it. Anger and grief both can be experienced at the same time. Grief reveals the true capacity of our hearts.

Why do we lose control of our emotions

Jealousy and Resentment

Both Jealousy and Resentment reveals- what we are we, what we feel entitled for and where we have expectations for. Anxiety reveals where we are trying to get control, we try controlling things and situations in our daily lives which leads to anxiety and depression both. Fear reveals where we are afraid to lose, we all do feel some sort of fear and Guilt says where we can do better. Lastly, Shame reveals us where we lack permission to be human. Shame plays an important role in survival. It is a perception of being immature, immoral or improper.

Emotions vs Moods>> Concluding . .

We often use these terms emotions and moods in our daily lives. But experts says that both these terms are different, An emotion is intense feeling and lasts for short time. On the other hand, a mood is milder than an emotion but can last longer. It can be difficult to find the exact cause of a mood or an emotion so it becomes important to understand our emotions well. Because our emotions have information for us and this is the specific reason on Why do we lose control of our emotions. Never allow yourself to deal all alone with your emotions, talk to your doctor or specialist or your person of choice if you feel low. They can offer guidance and support that can help to get back to your feelings best. I’m trying to know my emotions best as much as I can and I suggest you to do so. This is all for this blog. Share your thoughts and this blog with your near ones. Love, You can do better!

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    Ur conclusion is too good.emotion vs mood . every one stuck such case but handling is too tough.to face’ . I like the line emotion are information for us it’s really genuine to Guess ourselves

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