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4 Important Reminders

This November,  sharing 4 Important Reminders for you from me. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. I consistently believe in focusing what you’re and not what you’re not. In my belief many things will happen, but remember they don’t define you. the world is big enough for everyone, to shine, grow and explore. Moreover I believe to strive for progress not perfection.

flowers need time to bloom,

so do you !

I saw many people with stress and anxiety often feel a need to control everything around them in order to feel at peace. Knowing, that anxiety can sometimes feel like being out of control is so validating because it allows us to stop examine and becoming more aware that trying to control everything actually not works. Such people always hope that controlling things will create structure and order, I’ve been there and even I use to think like this! Therefore, it is even more important to share this with you all that we keep reminding ourselves what we are in control of. Your habits, priorities, reaction, choices, attitude, breathe, responses and how do you spend your free time are the common things to think of when we think about control.

4 Important Reminders

  1. Protect your mental & physical health at all times and take the time to do things that make you feel better. Mental and physical health is equivalently precious.
  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember that you’re doing the best you can with what you have. I always say that I’m doing a great job and so do you. We often doubt ourselves and if you’re doing the same then I suggest to stop it now.
  3. Be patient. You still haven’t met some of the people who are going to love you the most. Life is full of new wonders.
  4. You don’t always have to be on top of things. Not all the days are same, not everything goes as planned and that’s completely okay. Seek new opportunities wherever you go.

In the end, 

A person who works hard, who is truly humble and finds every opportunity to be kind with others is something which is attractive. Try to be that kind of. Remember it is not your age it is just the phase. Be content with your present and always yearn for the future. You’ve to make whether it is a question or choice, life can be anything. Sending best wishes for this month and to come. Will be sharing more monthly reminders with you. Find happiness where you’re . Find joy where you are. Appreciate life !! You can do better!

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  1. Just love how you explain all complicated things smoothly. I always remember for those four points which you discribe above,nd personal one that I always remember that number two point.🙂 Keep writing my girl 🌸💕


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