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Struggles – Conquer and move on

As human beings, difficulties will constantly be knocking on our doors. Nothing is permanent. Look at this way, Sometimes things are good and sometimes life feels like you’ve been kicked in your mid- section. But it is important to develop a mindset of conqueror. A conqueror knows that no matter how hard life gets, he/she […]


Everybody have different answer to that question depending on the definition of achievement.  Achievements are never measured, for every one of them makes us feel proud of ourselves and our existence. I think we are here to become something better on existential level. For me everything around us is a part of evolution. Time by […]

It’s all about you

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Why then, is it so difficult for us to love ourselves just as we are? Why do we so often become burdened with feelings that we are not beautiful enough, not tall enough, not thin enough, not good enough? And then, we become vulnerable, when we base how we […]


Choices . . in life Life is made up of infinite amount of choices from breakfast to dinner, from coffee to beer, from boredom to cheer ! ! Most decisions are seems like they are small and are slightly impactful but it’s the big decisions – one that can change life forever – that are […]


I love those random memories that makes me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now. Sit for a while and think what makes you smile? Worrying worthlessly will not bring smile on your face. If you have problems in your life and if you know that you can do something […]

Overcome Dissatisfaction

We humans.. we always confuse what we want (desire)and what we really need (genuine human relations, peace of mind and meaning to life). We are always chasing after things we want like husband/boyfriend, car/bike, expensive watches/clothes, promotion at work and many similar stuff. . They may boost our happiness for a while but very soon, […]

Relationship goals

  Every one has a time in life when we feel low. This is when being with our partner makes us stronger. When someone believes in you, inspires you, strengthen you, then you realize what being in relationship really means. Being strong together… Leaving as team… Having goodtime,.. these all comprises to a healthy relationship.. […]


  what is self development ? well.. it can also be known as personal development, both by developing your mind and body Self development means one should believe their capabilities and always willing to improve themselves, better than yesterday. There are certain ways you can adopt and improve your dull lifestyle .. Your life is not […]