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Celebrate your wins

“Celebrate every win. No matter how small it is ” . . . celebrate wins Small wins are progress points on your way to goals. Focusing on small wins help you break down the large goal into manageable chunks. In today’s blog I’m going to discuss about the importance and benefits of celebration of small victories, small […]

Express Gratitude

Before you complain about school, remember that some people can’t even get an education. Before you complain about getting fat, remember that some people don’t even have food. Before you complain about your job, remember that some people don’t even have money. Before you complain about your house or cleaning the house, remember that some […]

Listen to understand not to reply

You can’t love people who irritate you, you can only pretend to love them. Instead of pretending, just see that they irritate you and look at why they irritate you. They irritate you simply because they are not the way you expect them to be. They are not the way you want them to be. […]

Anger – not a good emotion

In  some situations we lose our temper, but it is only later then we realise our stupidity. By then it is too late. How can we control our anger? Anger is a certain level of unpleasantness, both for you and everyone around you. Most of the time you suffer more than your victim. And when you […]

Celebrate real bond

We as humans constantly make and break relationships. Unfortunately relationships can make and break human beings too.  Relationships! We can’t live with, we can’t live without them. Why are relationships such a circus for most of us? And how do we keep this bond from turning into bondage? Read: Relationship goals In today’s blog I […]

Letting go of the old

Forgetting something or letting go can help us move on, it’s not so easy to forget something but try not to forget what you learned from that particular incident. It’s obvious, that everyone of us has memories that we would like to erase it may be insult, humiliation or an embarrassing situation or a disturbing […]

Feel the good ones

Life can seem cruel , no doubt about it! sometimes the bad breaks pile up and we just can’t see a way out. you may not like the sound of that , but may be you still are not convinced that it can help for you right now. you and I have limited vision. we […]

The Difference !

Every person is different ! We are different.. we all are different. We think different and we react different. We think we react we compare yes we do.. but don’t let yourself become worst by copying others .. by copying what people are doing near you. We often think what we see the way we […]