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Individuality and Mindset

It’s important to recognize that it’s not  unjust to let go of those who show no concern for you. Mindset. Mindset is everything To achieve a sense of peace we need balance. Balance between work and play, balance between action and patients, spending and saving, living and staying, laughter and seriousness. It’s all about Individuality and […]

Peaceful living

Due to current scenario, we all are going through some old and new kind of mental illness or should I say going thru depression, stress, fear as well as anxiety. This is more relevant I guess. So let’s talk about ; Be kind to your mind and body. take care of your body and soul… […]

Save Nature

We all know how much we love to be in nature. We all need fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink and a healthy surrounding to live. The planet on which we live is full of beauty around us- attractive birds, beautiful flowers, animals, plants, bluesky, land, running rivers, oceans, mountains, valleys and hills, […]

Socially deprived

Interaction of individual in a society and living together also dealing with social changes and organization of society; diversities of regional, economic, religious, class and caste groups crosscut Indian society, which is immense Urban- Rural difference and gender distinction. There is also vast difference b/w various parts of India. India is a hierarchical society, whether […]